Protection from pathogens

Safe to use daily

Scientifically proven

AYUSH certified


Shake well before use to prep for smooth delivery.


Two spritzes of the mouth spray & one spritz of the nasal spray in each nostril.


Use twice daily for all round protection from illness causing pathogens.

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Taking care of your health can seem overwhelming at times. We’re here to make that process easier. ​

ErasaVir nasal and mouth sprays are simple and convenient to use. You can use them daily, at your own convenience. Make it a part of your daily routine to avoid various seasonal illnesses caused by exposure to germs.

Good health is just a spray away!

Unleash the best of health with ErasaVir mouth and nasal sprays

Customer Speak

  • I recently tried Erasavir nasal and mouth spray and it exceeded my expectations. The spray effectively cleared my nasal and throat congestion within minutes of use. The nozzle design makes it easy to target specific areas, and the solution itself has a refreshing, clean scent. Additionally, the packaging is sleek and convenient for on-the-go use. I highly recommend Erasavir to anyone in need of fast-acting nasal and throat relief. 5 stars!
    Sourik Das
  • Has helped me a lot with my allergy and to avoid flu symptoms. I never travel anywhere without it.
    Farakh Alim
  • These sprays for the mouth and nose are excellent. Anyone looking for a quick and practical solution to reduce flu symptoms should definitely try this spray!
    Nitya Daluka
  • Used for a week, feeling the changes now. I generally get cold easily. But my nose has not blocked since using it. Would definitely reccommend
    Reema Chakraborty
  • These nasal and mouth spray are very good. I would highly recommend this spray to anyone looking for a quick and convenient way to relieve flu symptoms.
    Trijit Dey
  • Great product accessible at the right time. Prevention is truly easier and better than the cure!

  • Used it. Loved it. Highly recommend it! Doesn't get simpler than this for staying healthy.

  • To tackle this pandemic we needed a simple solution based on science. Erasavir is just that. It's mouth and nose spray gives my friends, family and me the required protection and enables all of us to lead a confident and normal life without incessantly worrying about getting infected

  • Simple and effective! I got myself one because of my own issues with immunity and soon saw my sister get one for herself too. Would definitely recommend.