Scientific rationale in simple terms

  • Enveloped pathogens are protected by a fatty coating (lipid membrane). SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 is one such enveloped virus. Flu viruses are also enveloped viruses that have a lipid membrane. Similarly many bacteria (including the streptococcus and staphylococcus families) are also protected by such a membrane.
  • This fatty coating can be disrupted by Lipid Dissolving Agents (LDAs that are amphipathic – amphipathic described below) like detergents and soaps on contact in presence of aqueous (water) medium.
  • Fatty coating disruption leads to destruction of enveloped viruses and bacteria.
  • Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) are also LDAs and are proven to have amphipathic properties.
  • Some of these FFAs are not only safe but an essential part of our diet. They are also found in mother’s milk and protect babies from pathogens. Numerous studies have shown that FFAs can destroy enveloped viruses and bacteria via their amphipathic properties and in some pathogens through other, highly specific interactions.
  • FFAs destroy enveloped viruses via their detergent actions (extensive scientific literature and proprietary studies conducted). FFAs are highly amphipathic like detergents.
  • Coronaviruses like SARS-CoV-2 and Flu are enveloped viruses that are inactivated by LDAs
  • ErasaVir comprises an optimized FFA that is then formulated using proprietary methods. This proprietary formulation completely inactivated full viable SARS-CoV-2 in a study conducted at a United Nations affiliated BSL-3 virology lab.
  • Respiratory pathogens enters our body through the nose and throat (called the ‘Upper Respiratory Tract’ or ‘URT’) and incubates there before moving to the lungs (or the ‘Lower Respiratory Tract’ or ‘LRT’) and other organs where it may cause serious damage.
  • ErasaVir mouth and nasal sprays are administered directly to the nose, mouth and throat, where they come in direct contact with the virus or bacteria to destroy it and hence eliminate or reduce pathogen load.
  • From this we conclude that ErasaVir can disintegrate viruses and bacteria adhering to the surfaces in URT; hence reducing the pathogen load going down to the LRT - leading to much better outcomes and quicker recoveries.
  • Another benefit of using ErasaVir is that if users of ErasaVir are exposed to the respiratory pathogens like coronavirus, they will likely shed fewer viral particles, and may help reduce the spread of the virus to others around them.
  • Summary

    Both ErasaVir’s active ingredients and formulation are prepared using proprietary technologies and processes to achieve optimized results. The science is based on the strong amphipathic properties of fatty acids which possess detergent action and act on the lipid membranes of enveloped viruses. These amphipathic agents consist of hydrophilic/lipophobic heads (water loving) and hydrophobic/lipophilic (lipid loving) tails. This disrupts the lipid membrane of the enveloped virus when it is in an aqueous (water) medium, like in the Upper Respiratory Tract. ErasaVir mimics the action of a soap/detergent, but using plant-based foods as active ingredients.

    Understanding ‘Amphipathic’

    Soap works because its molecules have a ‘water-loving’ (hydrophilic) side and a ‘fat-loving’ (lipophilic) side. When you mix soap and water, the soap molecules break down the grease and germs into smaller particles and its fat-loving hydrophobic parts group together to ‘trap’ these particles. Then, when you rinse with water, the hydrophilic parts of soap are attracted to it, and it washes away the soap and disintegrates grime and germs (fatty substances).